The Push v. the Pull

The difference between Marketing and Brand Development

Many people use the words marketing and branding interchangeably when, in fact, they are not the same thing. When you actively market a product or service, you are using a push tactic. You “push” out a message to get results. Branding is the “pull” — something that is the foundation for all the active tactics in your marketing arsenal. Your brand is also the expression of the essential truth or value of  your organization, product or service. It communicates your value proposition or the attributes that help portray  exactly who or what you are. The brand is bigger than any one particular marketing tactic and ultimately helps determine whether a customer remains loyal to you or not. Proper brand development creates a strong foundation for a successful operation. We have helped several for-profit business and non-profit organizations develop and fine-tune their brand. We look forward to helping you develop yours. 


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